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About us

Nature's softness

A visit to Bromont... to take a moment to...observe the most beautiful creatures on earth.

Les Alpagas de la Ferme is the softness of nature in many colors.


In 1983, Normand and I acquired the Pollender family farm. At that time, we had milking cows. At the end of 2002, we moved to cattle beef production and sold our meat directly at the farm. We also raised sheep, horses, pigs, chickens, etc...

After being farmers all our lives, retirement without animals was unthinkable. The question arose... what do we now do with the farm?

In the beginning of 2000, at a farm fair, I instantly fell in love with alpacas, since I have an addiction towards working with quality yarn, like merino, silk, alpaca... Our passion for farming, our love of animals and my passion for knitting brought us to the alpaca business.

In October 2009, we visited an alpaca farm to purchase yarn. Normand observed the set-up of the farm and realised it would be possible to adapt our place similarly. That is all it took for me to begin some research on the subject. Followed many visits to Quebec & Ontario alpaca farms.  In November 2009 we did start our new adventure with 26 alpacas.

Every year the herd expand with many births and sometimes the acquisition of a new herdsire. In 2019 and since few years our herd count between 150 and 180 alpacas.

We are very pleased with this adventure since, in our opinion, alpaca is the most beautiful animal we have ever raised on our farm.


Come and visit us. It will be a great pleasure to tell you all about our alpacas and share with you our happy and satisfying lifestyle.

Bring your picnic. You will enjoy watching the alpaca in their natural environment and appreciate the beautiful surrounding scenery. We're expecting you!